Sunday, 6 June 2010

More Young!

Young Moorhens

Yesterday morning I found myself racing out of the cottage to chase a magpie away who was determined to harm the young of a family of moorhens. The group had been sunning themselves on the lawn. Curious  of their surroundings the babies had ventured onto the bank and were running here and there looking at everything in sight . Sadly this activity was making them perfect open targets.

As the magpie swooped repeatedly the parents of their young fiercely guarded their territory whilst the babies hurriedly made their way back to their hide in the reeds on the waters edge.

Watching nature is such a learning curve and so fascinating. The parents would not give up and with my help on a few occasions the magpie left having lost the " battle".

I spent time watching the little ones explore throughout the day. Their quick movements are so comical. They literally dart here and there like my brush when I am  painting to fast music. I thought how could I capture them in watercolour because their fluffy forms make interesting subjects. I see a painting from the above scene and I know I am going to need 48 hour days to  paint everything I see whilst living here!


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  1. Nature is indeed wonderful, beautiful and very interesting plus definitely a learning curve. Everywhere we look we are surrounded by nature but so many of just pass nature by without a second thought, which is so sad really.

    You are in such a prime spot and with so much going on around you, you are so blessed to be able to capture special moments like these. The baby moorhens are darlings - and this magpie needs to stay away for sure.