Friday, 18 June 2010

Ducklings Galore

This afternoon I was thrilled to  observe and photograph the ducklings in our garden whilst feeding them quietly in sunshine. The Mother stands proudly by guarding her young from the other mature ducks who wait patiently for her offspring to finish feeding. Only three ducklings have survived from this group of six that have been such a treat to enjoy watching as they grow. Magpies seem to be the biggest threat  to their safety.

I sat quietly with my camera and placed food around me. They happily took soft bread and duck food  allowing me time to catch them  in these images to share with you.

Side by Side.
A painting just waiting to happen!

All alone, so feed me first!
This little one is far too brave for his own good.

Tucking in!

Being a little greedy!

 Lunch is served!

I am so blessed to see such gorgeous wildlife and be able to enjoy it daily. What a privilege and a joy to share also.


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