Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sidney is back!

Sidney graced us with a visit this week and has taken to preening himself on the lawn daily in the Autumn sunshine. Yesterday I was amazed at how close I could now walk to this friend to take photographs without him seeming to even ruffle his  feathers!

Goodbye Sweet Taffy

 Taffy in snow last year.

It has taken me ages to come into this blog because my Summer has been so busy and my heart has been with my dear faithful companion Taffy who I knew was nearing a stage of his life where we could be losing him. I wanted to make his last year wonderful, full of the love he has given to our friends and family and I didn't want to leave his side unless I had to.

On my Bearded Collie Blog I have shared the news of losing Taffy and how Bailey our younger Bearded Collie has been so lost without him.

In our lives they say we have one special pet that will touch our heart in a way no other can. In my life I have had two such dogs. One was a rescue in China who saved my life when I was attacked. Buddy passed away at thirteen. The vets expected him to not even pass four years old but he did.

Taffy passed away in my arms at thirteen which is young for a bearded Collie. It broke my heart and I haven't been the same since. My cottage feels so empty without him but his spirit is all around me and I find myself imagining him nudging my arm or  genlty ambling towards me in the garden whilst I plant the bulbs for Spring.

I am still tearful when I think of him but I am trying to remember it is more important to look back on the joyous days of owning a pet and Taffy certainly enriched my life in so many ways.

Rest in peace dearest Taffy, I miss you.