Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Time 2015

Robin painted in Watercolour

I have a really busy time at the moment so sharing on this blog is quite difficult. I am in the last stages of a new book which I have been writing for the last two years. Going Christmas shopping is a welcome break and I love thinking about what I am  going to buy everyone. 
Before I even bought the gifts this year I had started collecting ribbons and wrapping papaer which makes the process of wrapping so much more fun. I hear so many people complain about the time it takes to buy gifts and then wrap them but I must admit I think the biggest thing to complain about would surely be loneliness and having no one to care about at this time of year. And worse still, having no one to care about us.

So if you are bogged down with Christmas chores, cooking and preparations do take time out to think how lucky you are. I'm sure there could be many people so eager to be so lucky!

Have a wonderful time getting ready for the Season of goodwill to all men!

............and women

.........and pets

In fact, goodwill to ALL!


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