Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ducklings 2011

First Swim


Yesterday afternoon we saw the first ducklings of 2011 in our garden. It was such a gorgeous day with  brilliant sunshine so perfect for a first swim. Watching the mother duck lead her offspring into the water from the bank was  a very special moment.

She has thirteen  tiny fluffballs at the moment.The sounds they make as they glide along in their family goup is wonderful to hear.

Now we feel we need to be vigilant as last year  magpies  killed all but one duckling from one  brood. It was so sad to witness but the female duckling grew and stayed with us all summer becoming very tame to feed.

I can't help but wonder is this the same  female as she does seem very familiar!

I will keep my blog updtaed with images  because they are so cute to watch grow.

Last years ducklings