Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Cygnets Are Back! June 2010

 This mornings visit, how they have grown!

 This morning was so exciting because very beautiful  visitors brought their young back. 

 The last time they were here, so tiny!

A short while ago a pair of swans brought six cute little cygnets to the cottage. I was enthralled by how sweet they were but I hadn't seen them since. Because so many young do not survive I began to imagine  the worst as another pair of swans have been visiting minus any youngsters.

But this morning after I had fed the ducks and ducklings along glided the swan family. Regally moving towards me with such pride and grace.

The young eagerly devoured the duck and swan food I now keep at hand. Sitting with my camera poised and just enjoying their antics has been bliss. In any family it seems there is ALWAYS one child who will show off to the camera and here he is............

The Show Off!  This one poses non stop for the camera!

And now getting really carried away with himself.........

So cute, I am thrilled with this shot!

Mum watched and then  a second cygnet  had to follow and shake too.........I love the expression on "Mums" face!

 I could sit here for hours just watching the family

They really are simply adorable.


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