Saturday, 24 July 2010

A walk in my Summer garden 2010

Summer roses are in  full flower creating a heavenly scent .

 I am not the only one enjoying the white cosmos, the bees are really happy with them too!

Gorgeous Day Lilies are giving a show of glorious golds.

Echineacea, such a gorgeous flower to paint in watercolour.

I could spend hours just sitting in my garden listening to birdsong and enjoying the beauty of so many flowers.

Life is  such bliss living here especially as an artist.


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Our Swan Family.

 Watching these cygnets interact is mesmerising. As siblings they seem genuinely fond of each other.

Daily a family of swans visit the cottage and seem to wait for food. The swan and duck feed mix I have at hand seems to disappear far more rapidly when the cygnets are around as they are really greedy.

I woke yesterday morning to a beautiful sight as I drew back the curtains to see them all sunning themselves in the early morning sunshine.

 "Preening just like Mum"

The cygnets look so clumsy compared to their graceful and obviously proud parents.

Waiting for me to appear with their food in our garden.  The proud parents happily look over their young.

Proud Dad

"Dad" at the moment is continually attacking another male swan but he hasn't yet worked out it is his own reflection on the hull of our boat!

 Standing is quite a task when you are this shape!

I watched one young cygnets so eargerly preening his wings while standing which seems a really difficult task to master  at this age.

  Camera Shy!

They are so cute and it won't be long before they start looking more like their parents.As gangly "teenagers" they are  completely fascinating to observe!


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Whose Watching Who?

A collection of photographs taken in our  cottage garden. These moments  gave me a smile, I hope I pass the smile on to you when you see them!

Have you ever had the feeling you are being watched?

Sydney the Swan watches the mother duck while she take a well earned rest.Both were watching m ehoping I may decide to feed them.

 "Put the camera down and feed me!"

The ducklings have grown and are now   getting very demanding when it comes to meal times!

 " Is there Food inside that camera!"

Oops maybe the duckling was a little too close to the camera in this shot!


Life here is magical with wonderful days spent feeding the wildlife and  simply enjoying each special moment one after the other.

I am so lucky!