Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Sense of Home

Home Cooking..........Again!

Belgium Choc Chip Cakes

The cookery bug has hit me as the air of Spring settles on our cottage.This is the first year living here without the dreaded thought of unpacking boxes or moving. I have lived in os many countries but I am loving the feeling of being in a home which will be filled with many happy memories in the years to come.

Maybe it was typing about my step mother here that reminded me of my childhood. Fridays were always days of cake baking.The house would be filled with a delicious aroma from the kitchen where a variety of cakes were made to last the week ahead while my step mother was working.

Every Friday there would always be a home cooked large fruit cake, a Victoria sponge,Welsh cakes and small buns. These would be made, carfeully stored in cake tins and  eaten with the sheer joy of knowing they were  made with love for all who tasted them.

Today the sun is shining brightly, daffodils are everywhere in the garden and primroses really are looking beautiful in small  clumps dotted here and there. The colour from my kitchen window is delightful. All that was missing this morning was the scent of home cooked cakes so  instead of wielding my paint brushes I took time out to cook some small cakes instead. I have been preparing for two major exhibitions and a charity event so the break was a welcome change.

We went to Belgium for the Christmas Markets last year and I was given a gift by a wonderful chocolatier of  a bag of gorgeous Belgium choc chips. I hadn't used them so  it was a perfect excuse to try them out.

I know friends may want a recipe but all I did was place 300gms of Self Raising Flour in a bowl with 150 gms of castor sugar and 125 gms of butter. I mixed these ingredients together then added one egg mixed with  milk to make a good cake consistency and then added the small choc chips. After  mixing I placed spoonfuls in  muffin trays and cooked for  twenty five minutes.

They taste delicious but the next batch will be made with choc chip and banana. After that there is always that jar of ginger  from Christmas that could make another wonderful version with apple..........

 My imagination is about to run riot with combinations and flavour additions  again!

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