Saturday, 26 March 2011

Friendship Egg Tree

Friendship Egg Tree

This is such a wonderful idea. Every year I hang egg ornaments on branches from the garden which I bring into my home  to place in a huge vase or jug. This is my egg tree. I  do this before every Easter and each year my tree gets prettier as the ornaments on it grow in number.

The painted eggs are often given to me by friends and stored safely until each new year. They are easy to make or buy from many stores. I used to paint goose eggs to give away  to friends by painting them and decorating them with scenes of primrose or easter rabbits. Now I am  sorry to say my free time is limited so I keep a look out for new unusual eggs to buy to give away each year.

It's rather a nice thought looking at a tree  and thinking of people who have touched your heart.  Buying eggs to remember special friends who can't be with us anymore is also a lovely way to remember them. 

I think everyuone should have a friendship tree!


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