Sunday, 20 March 2011

Frogs 2011

Frogspawn 2011

This time last year the pond in the woodland at the foot of our garden was covered in frogspawn.Unfortunately the pond was such a mess in our new home that we knew a decision to renovate was  necessary. So at the end of last summer we completely changed the pond. It now has a waterfall which looks and sounds really beautiful.

Waterfall built to feed water into the pond.

My main fear was that the frogs wouldn't like it and not return to their annual centre for mating. But I needn't have worried. A few weeks ago the pond was full of toads and frogs all  mating. Soon the masses of frogspawn began to appear. Once the base of the pond was covered the adult frogs and toads disappeared leaving their  offspring to fend for itself as the creative circle of life began.

 I have been watching daily as jelly like  clumps  start to  float to the top of the pond. Nature really is incredible. I feel like a five year old as I eagerly make my way to the pond every day to see if there are any changes there.

 Frogspawn 2010 

I have also noticed Hector the Heron  has begun to visit more frequently!

Cap'n Hector on our boat! 

The next few months are going to be so fascinating as new life from ducklings,moorhen chicks and the frogs develop giving my camera wonderful memories to capture. 

I hope to share many here!

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