Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Pickled Pears and Flemish Onions : Christmas 2015

 Pickled Pears and Christmas Pickles 2015

This is a flying visit to my Cottage Haven Blog today as I am working on a new book at the moment. I really do make or create one thing every day leading up to Christmas.

This morning I made Gingerbread Vodka, which is a first for me and until I have tried it I am reluctant to share the recipe! It certainly looks interesting.

The main thing I made this morning was pickled pears. These are poached in spiced vinegar and then bottled. The recipe is so simple and they look gorgeous when they turn a deep amber colour. They can be sliced as a garnish or decoration to add on top of hor d'oeuvres , or used as an accompaniemnt to cold cuts. I find that the usual Christmas fare can be repetitive so these make a glamourous and fascinating change.

My next task is to add the Christmas material and ribbons to each jar of home made pickle or chutney. I now have enough to set aside some time to do this.  I will then decide which will be treats will be given away as gifts and which will be kept to be enjoyed by our family and friends.

Preparing for Christmas in advance really does make my heart feel so happy. I talked to my son this afternoon and told him about the gingerbread vodka I had made and he has kindly volunteered to be the tester of this new liqueur . So I will let you know what he says!
For now, here is the recipe for Pickled Pears!

Pickled Pears and Flemish onions.

The story about Flemish onions will follow in another blog post!

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